Brendan Spaar

I’m Brendan Spaar, information technology professional, photographer, and part-time blogger

 Brendan Spaar’s Bio:

Ever since I can remember, I have been providing leading edge technology solutions.  When I was in high school, I invented “Facebook for one.”  I created my first website as a way to promote myself since no other platform (aside from Geocities) existed at the time.  The site included photos and a blog, just like what Myspace and Facebook offered many years later.

In the year 2000 I registered and took my self promotional website to the big leagues.  Once my radio career took off in 2003, I registered as a way to establish an online identity and brand that would supplement my weekly FM radio show on KNOE FM 102 in Monroe, Louisiana.

Today I’m providing innovative technology solutions to friends, family, and businesses in the Atlanta Georgia area.  My current focus is on cloud technology, of which I was a very early adopter.  I had a both a private and public cloud back in 2008 thanks to HostGator and a Synology Diskstation.  Currently I am building complex virtual machines in Windows Azure.

Brendan Spaar’s Awards:

  • AT&T Service Excellence Award Winner
  • AT&T I3 Executive Challenge Winner
  • AT&T Social Innovator Award Winner

Brendan Spaar’s Interests and Activities:

photography, live music, comedy shows, video games, hiking, road trips